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Fabio Lione Japanese official site introduction is under renewal.
Some contents are linked with Fabio Lione original official site.

Fabio Lione - the name "The Voice of Italian Metal" came from his artistic voice, now he can deserve "The Voice of The World's Fame". The triumphant Italian symphonic metal band - Rhapsody Of Fire are proud of him as their singer. Flying high from Italy, he spreads the wings of music over all the earth. His glorious history of the brilliant soulful voical and positive challenges to various music are told here.

On 1st January 2006, Fabio Lione himself gave me the permission to change his Japanese fan site into Fabio Lione Japanese Official Site. My pure respect and deep appreciation are ever dedicated to Fabio, because of his tender and warm feelings for his fans heartily supporting him.

Fabio Lione Japanese Site - since January 1st, 2005